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Clintondale Cannabis Hudson Valley N.Y.

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Are you looking for pure affordable CBD without additives or fillers?t

  • Purchase CBD directly from us, the farmer, and know exactly what you are getting.

  • Eliminate outside processing costs and turn the plant into the CBD  product that works best for you.

  • Hemp Flower has been Federally legal Since 2018 (Hemp Farming Act H.R.5485)

About the Farmer

Enjoy NY Grown Hemp.

We have been farming in the Hudson Valley for over 100 years. Our small family run 7th generation farm practices sustainable innovative growing methods to bring you the highest quality hemp. 

The Closer you are to the plant both in location and finished product the better it is for you and the Planet.

Grown Clean
  • 100% Natural Flower.

  • NO Pesticides

  • Certificate of Analysis/3rd Party Lab Tested.

  • Minimum Plastic Promise 

  • Harvested and Trimmed by hand for the highest quality of cultivation.

What's Inside

All of our hemp varieties have a Full Spectrum Of Cannabinoids including CBD.

CBD is just one type of Cannabinoid found in abundance in the cannabis plant.  Cannabinoids are responsible for many of the effects of cannabis consumption and have important therapeutic benefits.  The Δ9-THC, intoxicating cannabinoid, content is less than 0.3%




Tel. 845-883-7364

Fax. 845-883-6410

PO Box 403

Clintondale, NY 12515



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